I had the matching three woods with the Penna and MacGregor heads. Edited by freddiec, 26 March – Will get some photos sorted out…. I’ve got s 1,2,3, Stopped in his store in early 90’s and bought a set of woods from him. These clubs are right handed and have some marks and wear on the heads and shafts. My second shot in the scramble tournament was from yards.

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Man – what a list. I wasn’t good enough or know enough to really appreciate these works of art or balatas, but I don’t mind that my golf ball doesn’t “smile” at me any more! The grip is the Victory Golf Pride and has mm43 cracks and peeling near end and needs replacing. I always wanted an original Mac George Bayer.

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Best looking M43 I have ever seen. Is this a good idea?? Eviltwin on August 02, Here is my list: This one still has the orig tourney shaft. Who said persimmon was short? I started playing in the and I guess that’s when the big transition from persimmon to “metal” occurred.


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Advertise with us Privacy Terms. Very good original condition.

Memorable and fun, MacGregor persimmon woods are a great answer to get ready for your next game. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Thanks for reading if you have got this far….

I put a EI 70 Tour original tour in it and never changed. My second shot in the scramble tournament was from yards. Varying quality, so looking to up my restoration game over time, but also want to work out which ones I am going to use.

Original leather grips and steel macrgegor. The insert was brick-red, all one color, and it had six screws. I agree, the newer ball will destroy a fiber insert from the macgegor, but it won’t hurt the plastic or aluminum inserts from the sixties and seventies. That would actually be in my top A truly monster head, and rare! Edited by RobotDoctor, 30 January – Advertise with us Privacy Terms. No lead in the back and swing-weight… F4! You currently have javascript disabled.


Rami Valta said 5 years, 5 months ago:. Always Nice and deep M43 woods. Anyone tried to hit their’s recently? Macgeegor have stellar grain, some not so much, some havegrea stamps, neck numbers, some have surprises!

These woods were what we wanted as gamers.

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Cleveland Classic – TC 13 Black firing pin insert. Oddly, I prefer the shape so might play them if so. The red-head is the PT