It is caused by UEFI and there is a work around. Status Not open for further replies. View attachment And so far, things like hot adding a drive seem to work fine. It’s basically an LSI i. Joined Oct 15, Messages Thanks And once they do update the FreeBSD driver you need to either compile it yourself or wait for FreeNAS to include it at which time I’m sure they’ll update the readme to list the required firmware version.

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But if you’re stuck with an LSI RAID controller, here’s some hopefully helpful information because you’re probably sitting there wondering “what now. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

LSI SAS2008 mps driver preferred firmware version

If you don’t have one I wouldn’t spend money in it. Joined Oct 15, Messages Thanks Apparently it is possible to configure the LSI controllers to pass through unconfigured-good drives to the underlying OS but they don’t do it by default, and I don’t see an immediately obvious way to set that.

You can do a “mfiutil show drives” to see attached drives and “mfiutil show volumes” to show the available volumes. Lsk firmware version 15 and IT mode.

Joined Mar 25, Messages 19, Thanks 1, Be warned that creating JBOD is almost certainly guaranteed to freebsd overwriting what is on the disk. It works just fine. I ended up successfully flashing the M in a Dell inspiron. If you haven’t figured it out, the point is to steer away from port-dense and extremely pricey RAID controllers.


View attachment And so far, things like hot adding a drive seem to work fine. However, even once that happens, they will not show up as FreeBSD CAM devices, so if you’re used to being able to do “camcontrol devlist” or other camcontrol ops, they won’t be there for management in that manner.

Confused about that LSI card? Join the crowd | FreeNAS Community

View attachment You can frdebsd control-C during that to get to the card configuration utility. It is caused by UEFI and there is a work around. The eBay price on the i appears to have dropped substantially, I don’t really know what the reason for that might be.

If you hit control-H to go freebsdd the WebBIOS yay for consistencyit’ll give you tools to configure your controller and the attached drives.

There is a very tight relationship between the FreeBSD driver and the firmware of the card. Motherboard ports are generally fine.

Forums New posts Search forums. I used a different computer to perform the flash without issue.

Flashing IT firmware for LSI i on FreeBSD – Dan Langille’s Other Diary

A quick search of the web turned up the same results for others during the flash process. Any use of “virtual drives” or one-drive RAID0 JBOD modes likely involves the controller writing its own proprietary configuration to the drive and then that means that if you ever need to switch controllers, you’re going to have extra special trouble because you need to copy the data off the old drive, not just move the old drive to a new SATA controller port.


The controller selection screen there will tell you the make and firmware of your controller. The takeaway from all of this? Joined Mar 19, Messages Thanks Joined May 29, Messages 11, Thanks 2, But that’s not really what you want for FreeNAS.

There are so many vendors with so many stupid flash update requirements that we normally don’t bother trying to upgrade card firmware in-place unless it is something like the HP gear which just gives you a CD image to update everything in the system automatically. Once the M was flashed to IT mode, I was able to place the card back into the intended machine and use it with out issue.

Sure, it’s “newer” but it won’t affect the performance of ZFS Thread starter jgreco Start date Mar 19, If you do, it works under the “mps” driver, and it becomes a plain HBA. What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. LSI makes a lot of hardware.