Lavod MusicTube waterproof MP3 player deals. Features 2GByte of Memory. Lavod hope to make that a thing of the past with their MusicTube, a waterproof MP3 player. Player weighs less than 16 grams and has a length of 6 cm the body. Phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, games and more.

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Unfortunately it seems a little small and even with the Velcro laovd, we had it on the biggest size, so if you are packing plenty of muscle, or fat, on your arms, then this might not work for you.

We strapped on the Lavod MusicTube and headed down to the local pool to test it out as a swimming device. Which Amazon Kindle is best for you? Certified to IPx8 standard, it will be waterproof for up to 2 hours in 2 meters of water. Best power banks You get two sets of headphones with the MP3 player, one regular set and the waterproof set. First of all, you might find that the lifeguards stop you in your tracks. The waterproof headphones have a longer cable on them giving you the freedom of movement to get involved with whatever activity you choose, from swimming to running.

This is certainly true, just as it is with riding a bike, your awareness of your surroundings is reduced.

Specially made ear hanging waterproof headphones gives a comfortable and secure fit for swimming. Unlike waterproof mp3 players worn with an armband or swimbelt the AquaCube v attaches to the strap of your swimming goggles.


So long as you have the fitting right, then you can listen perfectly happily whilst you swim.

Lavod Mp3 Player User Manuals Download – ManualsLib

But if you are buying a waterproof MP3 player, you will probably be more interested in the waterproof headphones. Player weighs less than 16 grams and has a length of 6 cm the body. We asked the lifeguards what they thought and the response was a concern that the swimmer would not be aware of their surroundings, or be able to hear safety announcements or instructions.

As a result of the ill fit, the sound quality suffers, there is little in the way of external noise isolation so overall the experience is poor. Track all your stuff! Fitting takes some fiddling lavof to get it right, but the result is pretty good. It is best to ensure they are lavo well before you get in the water as any water that gets trapped between the headphone and your ear drum will just slosh around and dull the music.

Clip holder fixes on to your goggles.

Lavod MusicTube waterproof MP3 player

The MP3 player itself is a compact metal tube 62mm long with a diameter of 19mm. Top power packs for phones and USB-C laptops. We like this type of armband because of the natural stretch that the material has, meaning it is good for using during exercise. The Aquatube v is a wireless solution using a special designed clip holder that fixes on to your swimming goggles.

The headphones plug straight into the 3.


These are better conceived, giving you an in-ear type headphone with a selection of three different sized rubbers to get a proper fit. The experience is somewhat bizarre, but works better than we first expected. Thank you to Maplin for the loan lavld this product. Using your own headphones increases the quality a fair amount but also reveals some of the other flaws in the player.

Lavod MusicTube waterproof MP3 player deals.

Lavod Aquacube Waterproof Mp3 Player 4gb Lfa-296p

Unfortunately these headphones are fraught with problems. Of course, for normal use, you could just plug in your own headphones and use them instead.

Phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, games and more. At 4GB it will take a fair number of tracks, enough to keep you swimming for some time, but with no screen, you are basically limited to jumping through and kavod it contains a suitable playlist for your chosen activity.

This small waterproof MP3 player allows you to listen to hours of music when swimming and can be used for all kinds of water activities Unlike waterproof mp3 players worn with an armband or swimbelt the AquaCube v attaches to the strap of your swimming goggles.

We advise all potential customers not buy this product until Lavod can guarantee its reliabilty.