Follow the procedure below to replace the staple cartridge. To set Group mode or output to Secondary sub tray: When scanning originals is completed, the machine automatically begins storing data in the HDD. Open the Web Utilities window. In order to maintain a satisfactory copying performance, please keep this Manual readily available for reference in the side pocket of the machine. Open the paper feed roller.

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HINT See the illustration on p. Check to be sure power plug is firmly inserted in electrical socket. Display the Entry List of the desired item as described in step 5.

Touch the desired job name key to highlight it. Machine Release the release knob to bizgub the side guide plate. Note that the print quantity amount on the Check Screen does not change.

Touch Copying Operations to return to the previous page. It detects the density of the original image and automatically selects the appropriate exposure for the copy.

To Display Application Selection Screen Follow the procedure below to display the Application Selection Screen and select the desired copying features. In this case, arrange all the settings to be compatible with the selected copy mode.


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Touch Repeat on the Application Selection Screen. Key Operator Mode [41] Image stored cont. Follow the procedure below to turn the machine minoltz off then on.

Page Setting Scan Transmission Function Environment Setup Follow the procedure below to register, change, or delete the address for the transmission of the scanned image data using the web browser.

Clearing Mishandled Paper When a paper misfeed occurs, the copier stops making copies and mishandled paper codes display on the screen to indicate misfeed area s. Touch to scroll to the next page.

Open the document feeder. Page 87 Selecting Magnification Ratio Lens Mode continued Enter the desired print quantity from the control panel keypad. Raise the document feeder. Interrupt Copying Use the Interrupt mode to interrupt copying in progress to perform a simple job.

Recycled paper is used for the inside pages of this manual.

Press [STOP] on the control panel of the primary copier. Function Environment Setup continued 3 Click on [Apply]. Select additional copying features, as desired.

Scanned image will be printed on the paper size automatically selected. Copying Using Memory continued To display previous job list: Action liable to cause minor injury, medium trouble or physical damage.


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Page Overlaying an Image onto Each Page Copied in the Job Overlay Use this function to scan an image, then overlay the image onto each page copied in nizhub job.

Original Information, Platen Glass Originals Original Information Use the platen glass or document feeder to position originals to copy. The registered group names and members will be displayed in a list.

Page Setting Scan Transmission Function Environment Setup continued The [Scan transmission setting] key appears in the window only when the optional Printer Controller is installed in the machine. Automatically selected when the AMS key is touched.

Specify the paper size. Action highly liable to cause a death or serious injury. Machine Configuration continued PI Cover Sheet Feeder 3 Upper tray guide plates 4 Upper tray 2 Upper unit release lever 5 Lower tray 6 Lower tray guide plates 1 Cover sheet feeder control mjnolta 1 Cover sheet feeder control panel controls cover sheet feeder operations. Then, output the combined images as a finished set.