I can’t at the moment due to being on my phone, but if you’re looking for playing with a few friends you could use Hamachi. Am I doing something wrong? I play a game Halo: Hence your error message about invalid characters; A period is an invalid character for a port number. But before all that, I suggest you learn how to use Google to find these ridiculously easy answers before posting two threads about it and expecting someone to jump up and hold your hand through the process. Just google it and a tutorial. I have a modem or router.

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If you can’t figure out port forwarding using nothing but your router model and a quick Google search, which is probably one of the easiest things you could possibly do short of naming your SSID Hell, I managed to do it with a couple of short keywords and I didn’t even have your model numberthen hosting a Halo server that people are going to want to play on a dedi is going to be completely beyond you.

I have tried numerous times and waited an hour or two for people to join and not one person has joined. It’s a registered game by Microsoft and Bungie. I know that there is some problems with Firewall and this is probably what I’m having trouble with. Most people who play HPC, save for the ones who really shouldn’t be PC gaming at all, prefer dedicated servers over player-created servers. I can’t at the moment due to being on my phone, but if you’re looking for playing with a few friends you could use Hamachi.

In fact, I think you ought to find a good tutorial for port forwarding on YouTube. So go ahead and follow that guide I linked, which a little research on your end would have yielded you faster that it takes to open a new thread about the same subject, let alone type up a long and drawn-out explanation of your problem including copypasta of the text from your router’s control panel that you hilariously thought wouldn’t look like a big jumble of crap if posted to a forum.


Turbocomm I306 V.92 agere(lucent) windows modem I101H

I believe the operating system is directly related to the problem. I’m stuck in the part where he enters in his port numbers let me give you an example of my screen. Speaking of research, your problem could easily be solved with minimal effort on your end with a little of that research.

I own Westell modem and Verizon internet.

Here is an example of what my webpage looks like. Now that that’s done, I’m gonna hammer down a couple of points that you’re not gonna like. I am actually trying to setup a new Halo Dedicated Server myself, on a dedicated datacenter hosted server, and I midem running into an unexpected problem.

Actually, anything other than is an invalid character for a port number.

mode You should consider first learning how to use your router before learning to use Halo server software. I am running Windows Server R2. I appreciate that you still answered my question and Omdem will work as soon as possible to fix this issue.

I am over the age of AGE. I have a modem or router. I play a game Halo: There is absolutely no reason for you to make another thread about the same problem.

Comment Reply Start Topic. Dusk, I appreciate the fact that you found it easy to locate my issue.


TurboComm I306 Free Driver Download

I have tried running the dedicated server application as an administrator. I appreciate that what I found hard you found easy and I will learn from that mistake but most of all correct my mistake. Hence your error message about invalid characters; A period is an invalid character for a port number. I didn’t mean to make it look mocem two forum posts, I simply tried to use updated information.

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Have you port forwarded? So if I were to host a session ii306 could join it and control the mouse on my screen to the point where I close it eventually nodem whatever reason if modme helps. I apologize for hijacking your thread, but I can’t post a new thread for 24 hours since I just joined up. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you for replying and helping me with my issue. I’m stumped as to what the problem could possibly be at this point.

So given that, even if your server were to show up in the lobby, you shouldn’t be holding your breath waiting for players, because chances are good that nobody wants to play on it anyway. If anyone here is fimiliar with a program called “Teamviewer” it allows remote control access supervised by the owner of the computer to monitor the other person hosting the session.