Skill Information and Support G. Straight above that is the motherboard battery and two jumpers. System Benchmarks – Replacement voids the warranty as a sticker usually is placed on the side of it. The rear panel inputs and outputs are pretty standard overall. Looks like i might have to get one of these boards soon.

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The second CMOS jumper is also shown above; which is very useful for users that have the board inside a case where the other CMOS jumper is not accessible. P you know do what msi do and make it look good but put crap parts on: Very nice cpu you have too. Great Results Ive been waiting for a review on this board forever, thanks for posting one.

It seems most motherboard manufacturers are using solid caps these days, even in budget boards. Could you do more stability test for fsb please.

DFI LANparty Blood Iron PT2RS Elite first lookMHz done

Lets hope this board isnt a clusterfuck and doesnt throw up Error 88 as soon as the fans spin up like my and a lot of others P45 DK. System Benchmarks – True, that was the big reason to go with the P45 version. First impression totally air: I wonder why they did away with the crossfire option on the Elite. To be really honest, with the P35 Blood Iron, the only addition “needed” to be done is something to the NB cooler. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: The RAM slots are in a standard location and are color coded to indicate the correct slots for dual channel use.


sfi BIOS Rundown – 8: Signals sent can command the ISL to adjust voltage margining offset, converter switching frequency and overvoltage protection levels. In addition to the development of high-end overclocking motherboards that set world record in performance, the LANParty team has recently committed to a research program called “top performance at affordable prices”, allowing more consumers to enjoy low-price yet high-performance motherboards.

DFI Lanparty Blood Iron PT2RS Elite Motherboard Review

Straight above that is the motherboard battery and two jumpers. Validation First impression LN2: Looks like a nice P45 board.

One other feature you will notice on this board is the solid capacitors. Replacement voids the warranty as a sticker usually is placed on the side of it. Muchos gracias guys, yesterday i did not have enough time,max was only Nice and fast board as usual from DFI.

All times are GMT Nice work man, still surprises me kron a board with so little gimmicks still performs so strong For cooling, there is no fancy heatpipe cooling or even a fan on this budget board.


I guess it saves a bit of loot, but that was a huge plus in my mind on the original P45 Blood Iron over the P35 variant.

Thursday, May 15th Dam thats insane I really need to get this board, any quad tests? Originally Posted by angoholic. Moving left across the board we come to the memory slots and the Northbridge heatsink.

DFI Blood Iron BI-P45-T2RS Intel P45 Express Socket 775 Motherboard

Test Setup and Methodologies – No heat pipes or anything either, the price better be good considering. Skill Information and Support G.

In that case you should grab an old Pentium 4 and hit more than mhz for max clock for new WR of course: